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        Case packer LC-ZX25
          Applicable scope   ·Specially designed for automatic packaging production lines in industries such as seasonings,fruit and vegetable juices,and carbonated beverages.   ·Has fast communication capabilities and powerful diagnostic functions,with a high degree of automation.   ·Adopting a side entry bottle method with a small footprint simplifies the front conveying system of the packing machine and reduces the investment cost of the entire line equipment.   ·Adopting linear guide rail translation,the structure is more advanced and reasonable,the action is lighter and more stable,and the power consumption is also lower.   ·Adopting a multi-stage depressurization bottle feeding method to avoid bottle tipping,ensuring accurate alignment between the bottle grabbing head and the product,and high stability.
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        Product details
        Case packer LC-ZX25

         Equipment parameters 



         Model size 


         Number of packing layers 


        Production capacity 



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