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        Membrane packaging machine /LC-MBS26
          Applicable scope   ·Suitable for bundled packaging of mineral water,beer,beverages,fruit juices,bottled water,dairy products,seasonings,grains and oils with or without bottom pallets.   ·Accurate synchronization of bottle feeding,film feeding,film cutting,and film wrapping,automatically combined into packages,stable and reliable,saving time,and improving efficiency.   ·Adopting circular air circulation technology,with a unique structure,thermal insulation,high temperature control accuracy,and better packaging effect.   ·It can be suitable for packaging with different bottle diameters and combinations,and can be easily adjusted when changing packaging combinations and bottle shapes,achieving the function of one machine with multiple uses.   ·LC-MBS65/LCMBS45/LC-MBS30/LC-MBS26 can add a color film packaging system.
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        Product details
        Membrane packaging machine /LC-MBS26

         Equipment parameters 



         outline dimension 


         Heat shrink channel size 


         Maximum packaging size 


         Packaging speed 


         Packaging effect 




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